• Dimensions X Farmstay OM1-3 'The Consumer Model'

Dimensions X Farmstay OM1-3 'The Consumer Model'

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Krinklewood, home to Dimensions X OM1 'Prototype' & OM1 'Consumer Model', a startup by owner Oscar Martin and Australian architect Peter Stutchbury, reimagines housing with eco-friendly, customisable smart homes.

Dimensions X promotes sustainable living, blending aesthetics and nature. Experience Australian Institute of Architecture's recipient for sustainability, new residence & small project architecture award. Planet-friendly architecture for the community.

The space
OM1 is available in flexible modules of 15m2 and then in multiples as the number of bays increases. Every mm is valued, storage is optimised, and the building can be completely relocated. By utilising a self-bracing, portal frame reverse veneer construction, and a simplified four-week, four-frame assembly process, OM1 significantly reduces the resources required for construction. The OM1 form is designed to be highly adaptable, allowing it to meet a range of user and site requirements. Optimal use of space and planning accuracy ensures a minimisation of waste categorised across all aspects of the project.

'The Consumer Model' OM1-3 (3 modules) is configured with two 'pop-out' queen-size beds and is suitable for four people. Bedrooms are separated by joinery and curtains for privacy. You can also book the OM1-4 'Prototype' which is an open-plan configuration with one bed.

"Small, beautiful, accurately planned homes that require minimum energy to operate will logically fill increasing market demand. Planning authorities need to reduce plot sizes and stipulate an annual energy allowance per person."
Peter Stutchbury

Dimensions X OM1 is available to purchase for your site. View Dimensions dot com dot au for more information.

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