Biodynamic & Organic Certified Farming

Certified since 2007

Krinklewood Vineyard and Farm started conversion in 2002 and became Certified Biodynamic Organic in 2007. The whole property including the winery is certified with Australian Certified Organic and is audited annually to maintain biodynamic organic certification.

The decision to farm biodynamically and make biodynamic wine at Krinklewood was an easy one…

“It’s better for the environment, better for the people that live and work on the farm and it gives us a better quality wine that is ultimately better for our consumers to enjoy! We have been using these principles for 18 years now, over this time we have noticed our vineyard is able to better withstand our forever challenging climate conditions and we are seeing wines with greater expression of aromas and textures specific to our terroir” – Rod Windrim. Krinklewood founder.

"To be the custodian of magical Krinklewood is an honour and a wonderful opportunity for my family and I to learn and be at the mercy of mother nature. What Rod and his family have created is remarkable. We share a great love for nature and a passion for sustainability and delicious organic/biodynamic wine. It's what brought me to Krinklewood. Our mission is to make people think about the earth and the impact we're having" - Oscar Martin. Krinklewood Owner.

Biodynamic farming is a connection to the entire cosmos

What is biodynamics?

Biodynamics is a homeopathic medicine for agriculture, using natural means to obtain a better, more sustainable and healthier end product. Rudolf Steiner introduced the philosophy in 1924. Bio refers to the life in the soil and dynamic refers to the energy. Biodynamic is Organic, but differs in the use of BD preparations, which are applied within the natural rhythm of the cosmos.

Austrian philosopher Rudolf Steiner during his series of lectures on agriculture in 1924 formalized the modern Biodynamic approach. European farmers had come to him for advice on their problems with soil fertility, the spread of animal disease and poor crop quality.

It's about uniting the cosmic and terrestrial forces to make the best wine possible.

Staying alive

Nothing but live things should nourish the soil, and nothing dead or scientifically fabricated should be added to it. Hence the use of synthetic fertilizers or pesticides is prohibited. The soil at our Hunter Valley Vineyard is full of life and active biology, giving our vines the best nutrition possible.

This Common Future

No ordinary vineyard estate, we’re turning ourselves toward a cultural landscape of sustainability, resident artists, good food, and exceptionally expressive wine. Every sunrise brings a renewed vow to make Krinklewood as sustainable as we can, with deep reverence to life, enduring far beyond our time!

We then wondered, what would happen if we took this approach further? What if we threaded the principles of life energy through all that we do? From waking to eating to building or resting. Let’s observe every choice as a catalyst for conversation.

Why biodyanmics?

As biodynamic farmers, we are in search of the higher quality not quantity of biodynamic wine. Whereas chemical agriculture has developed short-cuts to quantity by adding water soluble minerals to the soil. The plants take these up via water, thus bypassing their natural ability to seek from the soil what is needed for health, vitality and growth. The end result is a deadened soil and artificially stimulated growth.

Biodynamic! Why it matters.

Because when we treat our choices as our legacy, we create a common future where the earth turns again, the energy continues to flow, and the wine tastes better.

Every constellation of grapes adorning the grapevines is the literal fruit of our ever-watchful labour and a testimony to why we choose biodynamic farming. The wine just tastes better.

This symphony of active life naturally improves the soil, creating an abundance of nutrients, better moisture retention and less intervention. The vines take only what they need, and we become self sustainable.

By the light of the moon

The light of the sun, moon and stars reaches the plants in regular rhythms and by understanding the gesture and effect of each rhythm, we can time our ground preparation, pruning and harvesting to the advantage of the vines…and ultimately the biodynamic wine we produce. The BD preparations act like a catalyst if used in the correct rhythm, increasing the life in the soil, improving the health of the plant and positively impacting the biodynamic wine we produce.

Beyond Natural

At Krinklewood, we observe the heavens, harness cosmic forces, and patiently wait for cues from the natural world.

Beyond Natural is about uniting the cosmic and terrestrial forces to make the best wine possible. We are all under the influence, but we can choose what: and even something as big as farming doesn’t require us to step outside the natural world, but truly step into what is best for nature, the planet, and the future.

In our integration of earth and sky, the life energy of Krinklewood relies on the resident animals to play their part. Our biodiverse ecosystem of cows, chooks, worms, spiders, bacteria, bees (and so on) nurture and balance alongside one another.