Certified Biodynamic Vineyard

From the 49 acres of grapevines ripening under the fiery sun to the thermal pools soon underway near the flowing brook; Krinklewood marches to the natural rhythm of the cosmos. Our secluded, French-inspired biodynamic winery and cellar door sits among tranquil countryside, cradled by the spectacular Brokenback Range and Wollombi Brook.

We breathe a quintessential wine- country essence, with a sprawling oasis of Provencal gardens, fountains, sun-drenched lawns, sculpted sandstone, and even a labyrinth. Our cellar door extends to a courtyard bathed in dappled sunlight, shaded by pockets of lush green, and shared with a flock of roaming peacocks. Each day here is a love letter to the future, as we forge a new forever. Come, ponder, and unwind with us.

The founders

Krinklewood was founded in 1981 by Rod Windrim & Family. Rod a master builder with a passion for organic and biodynamic winemaking and a love of France began the transition to organic & biodynamic certification in 2002, a time when most in the Hunter Valley would raise their eyebrows at such a proposition.

Every inch of Krinklewood has been built with love by Rod and his family with a lifetime of beautiful memories being made.

A sustainable future to make people think about the earth and impact we're having

Born in 1981 and passionate about building and sustainability, Oscar Martin became the custodian of Krinklewood in August 2020 following the sale of Pedestrian.TV a company he co-founded in 2005.

"My family purchased a farm in Wollombi when I was about 10, which was sold when dad sadly passed.

Krinklewood has always been my favourite place in the Hunter Valley - The space, nature, sounds, the clear skies, and the down-to-earth people. Broke to me is like a creative retreat a place to get away from the hustle and bustle. A true champion for mental health.

Being the custodian of magical Krinklewood with my family is a great privilege. What Rod and family have created is remarkable and I'm sure he will be happy so many visitors get to experience a lifetime of passion, learn about organics & biodynamics, celebrate special occassions and taste delicious award-winning wine.

There is an exciting evolution of Krinklewood on the horizon with a sustainable masterplan designed by pre-eminent Australian architect Peter Stutchbury, including dimensions X accommodation, bathhouse and more."

From our beloved winemaker Valentina Moresco

“Wine is bottled poetry,” said the poet Robert Louis.

To me, having the unique opportunity to transform Krinklewood fruit into wine is a chance to truly express the soil and turn it into liquid gold.

I want people to taste Krinklewood wine, taste a memory, to store and recall a past sensation - a thought - of when they were sitting under the Manchurian pears in the cellar door and having the best time on a chilly Autumn afternoon.

I don’t want people to taste only wine, I want people to taste Krinklewood."