Sip into Autumn Bliss: A Letter from Valentina - Head Winemaker

It is with great pleasure that I write to you today to share some exciting updates about our estate in the Hunter Valley. As the winemaker of this wonderful farm, I am proud to say that the last six months have been incredibly fruitful for us. We have been working hard to produce some of the finest organic and biodynamic wines, and we cannot wait to share them with you.

Our 2022 Verdelho has been a standout this year, and we are thrilled to release it to the public. This wine boasts a perfectly balanced and elegant flavour profile that showcases the best of our organic and biodynamic farming practices. From the moment you take your first sip, you will be transported to the beautiful vineyards of the Hunter Valley.

At our estate, we take great pride in our commitment to organic and biodynamic farming practices. We believe that the best wines come from the best fruits, and that starts with responsible and sustainable farming. Our team has been working hard to ensure that each grape is given the care and attention it deserves, resulting in wine that is not only delicious but also good for you.

We are constantly striving to improve our wines, and we are excited to share our latest releases with you. In addition to our 2022 Verdelho, we have some truly lovely new wines that we cannot wait to introduce to you. From crisp whites to bold reds, we have something for everyone.

As always, we appreciate your support and loyalty to our estate. We hope that you continue to enjoy our wines and that they bring joy to your life, just as they do to ours. Thank you for being a part of our wine club, and we look forward to sharing more updates with you soon.